1. What is Fanagig?

Fanagig unites fans with performers, revitalizing and revolutionizing the live performance industry in India by creating a fair and pure marketplace. We collate data on fan bases and put on gigs only where predetermined demand exists. We are a Bangalore-based platform designed for live music and performance. We live for the legendary shows that make unforgettable experiences.

2. What are the advantages of your model in the live music business?

Fanagig collects data on fan bases for particular artists before confirming shows. This way we ensure sell out shows. It is not just about money. It’s about being able to gather like-minded people to create a fabulous event.

For Artists:
  • True fans can show you when and where to play. Knowing where your most fervent fan bases are will help you book shows and even plan for future tours.
  • Viral engagement can sell out shows and mitigate risk. Allow your fans the chance to book in advance for future events and never do a show that doesn’t pay.
  • Tiered live experiences that can monetize your time.

  • For Fans:
  • See your favourite bands in your city!
  • Show your favourite artists how passionate you are for them

  • For Promoters:
  • Less risk since events only take place when fans demand it
  • More information on demand via data collected from the Fanagig website
  • More gigs and more revenues

  • 3. How does Fanagig work?

  • You can buy a ticket for a gig that has been confirmed
  • or show support for your favourite artist/band that you want to see in your city.
  • Request a gig on our site, once we see demand we will make the show go live
  • Or pick an existing gig that needs you to demand a band play in your city.
  • Share it with your friends. Use your social media networks to incite a viral response to the campaign. Fanagig will ensure the gig happens!

  • 4. What is the Request vs Buy option?

    When you have a vision to see your favourite artist in your city, you need to ensure that there are others just like you. Fanagig will help you set up a "request" campaign. You will use your social media networks to incite a viral response to this campaign. Once the request goal has been reached, Fanagig will turn this into a buy campaign where actual tickets for a show can be bought

    5. How do I create a gig?

    Is there a band or artist you really want to see in your city? Click ‘Request a Gig’ and follow the simple steps. Upload a photo or video, add a description and then hit submit. Fanagig will get back to you; discuss the finer points of making your live music dream come true and then give you a thumbs up! It’s now up to you to use your social media network to make your poll hit the target.

    6. How can I possibly know when bands are available?

    Leave all that to Fanagig. All you have to do is demand a band come play for you. once we know that there are enough fans like you, we will get them over and you can buy tickets

    7. Are tickets bought on Fanagig transferrable?

    NO. (refer to Refund and Cancellation Policy)

    If you couldn't find the answer to what you were looking for, please get in touch with us on our contact page and let us know how we can help.